Into The Wild / London, UK

Album, 13 songs:

  1. Exit
  2. Rodney
  3. Questions & Answers
  4. Into The Wild
  5. Limbo
  6. Follow Where You Are
  7. Neon
  8. Hong Kong
  9. D.I.A.
  10. Send a Message
  11. Lou
  12. Downtime (feat. Shumba Maasai)
  13. Freedom


Mastering: Czarny HIFI (Otrabarwa Studio)

Artwork design: RSO196

Cover photography: Sunny Bao, Tony Mak

2c 320x320_filtered


Album Versions



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"A multi-dimensional character of “Into The Wild” evokes joy and anger, happiness and sorrow, aggression and peacefulness. Every other listening to the album enables the listener to find out something new – ripple, rustle, noise or distant percussion – I got the impression that those discoveries can last forever."

- Eye Ma/


“Into The Wild” is a colourful story with clearly emphasised beginning, main part and ending. The listener can expect surprising tempo changes and diverse soundscapes that capture attention and enable him to enter this world."

– Daniel/Dźwięku/


"Even though a whole lot of electronic elements is implemented, “Into The Wild” remains very friendly to listener's ear, as next to harder synthetic side there is a wide pallet of warm, atmospheric sounds and analog textures/instruments sampled from the analog records."

– Mariusz Rodziewicz/Gra Muzyka,


"Tension and anxiety can be felt, as well as melancholy and moments of reflection which all might emotionally portray working on emigration. The album is a perfect soundtrack for cruising around the city during rush hours, as well as the late night listening sessions at home."

– Łukasz Kowalka/Duszne Granie


"Into The Wild is definitely the best evidence that Voitek's productions start to be immediately recognisable. Whether it's digital “Rodney” or splendidly well-made chill-out from “Questions & Answers” - his unique forms and combinations will be quickly taken even by those who are not familiar with this producer's previous works."

– K.Zięba/



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